Is there an API layer?

Yes there is.

Are special barcode devices needed to receive, put away and pick goods?

No, this is what you need:

Mobile device: It runs on any mobile device (android/ios) with a webbrowser and possibility to connect a barcode scanner.

Windows/OSX system: To print shipping documents.

Clougistic supports webhooks to create printjobs for Printnode. Printnode is a 3th party tool for Windows or OSX.

Printer: To print labels and shipping documents.

Any wireless (RF) internet access to our Clougistic cloud.

Any of the following devices will do the task:

  • 10" tablet with Bluetooth (faster is better)
  • Zebra Symbol Li4278 Bluetooth Scanner
  • Any A4 printer for printing packing list / invoice
  • Zebra Printer GK 420 for shipping labels (A6)
  • An optional Zebra Printer for EAN/GTIN labels (A8)
  • A network access point like the Unifi AP Pro

How do I identify warehouse locations?

Most common: Zone-Aisle-Rack-Shelf-Bin. Every location must start with the Zone ID.

How can I print barcode labels to identify warehouse locations?

Printing barcode labels for zone locations is not part of Clougistic. There are very goods barcode printing software solutions on the market at a low price.

We used: DRPU Barcode Label Maker

Do we need to intall Clougistic on our own servers?

Clougistic is a full SaaS solution. This means you don't need to host the software yourself. Neither do you have to invest in servers.

Which barcode symbology is supported?

Clougistic supports Code128B. In theory, any code is possible, if the selected barcode scanner supports it.

Is it possible to process a Magento Bundle Product?

Yes. Clougistic can process a bundle product with shipment option shipped together or shipped seperately. Keep in mind that a bundle configured as shipped together will trigger production.