Every Clougistic account comes with a build in superuser. First login with superuser to create new users.

Navigate to system > users to manage users. Every user needs a role and entity access.

After creating users, navigate to system > design and asign the user to one or more zones, logistic units and packingtables.

The superuser has a special role. It's only intended as administrator, not to process orders

API User

To connect an e-commerce platform create an API user. To create an API Key, select (Re)generate in the Api Key Action field. Next save and select the user again to see the new generated key. Assign role Remote API to the user with the API key.

User Multiple Entities

To grant access to enities click on the tree in the user management screen and set the entities for the user. A user can switch to work in another entity by clicking the current entity in the header.