A sales order entry will receive the state new. If the order status in the connected platform change, the order status in Clougistic will follow. Clougistic will follow new, process, hold, cancel.

Stock Allocation

There are two options to allocate stock:

  1. Reservation
  2. Direct


Upon order creation a reservation is generated. Reservations are FIFO based. It's possible to change the reservation priority manually.

Manual reserve stock

Prevent allocation of available stock by manual adding a reservation. It wil lower available stock. If a new order match reservation, the stock allocation for this order gets the same FIFO priority as the manual made reservation. It also lowers the manual reservation quantity.

Manual Reservations can be made in inventory > products > [product] > tab reservation

Options to match reservation

  • Customer ID
  • Source ID
  • Country ID


Direct orders will not create a reservation. Instead, needed stock is replenished and purchased directly. If stock is received,for a direct placed purchase order, it is only allocated for the refering order.

Order reference

The orderreference in Clougistic is copied from the connected platform.

Before connecting multiple platforms be sure orderreferences don't overlap.

Cancel Order

If an order is cancelled in the connected software, it will also be cancelled in Clougistic. If the order is already in process the shipment will not be released. Instead, during packing a RMA will be created to restock goods.

Ship Method: All, Any, All (Any once)

Every new orderentry will be set to method All, this means that all needs must be allocated before the order is processed.

Optional the ship method can be set to Any, in this case if a part of the order is allocated it will be processed.

The Any revert All method is used to ship everything that's allocated at this moment and set the method to All once the shipment is made.