Product Types

Bundle Products

Bundle items are split to single items in Clougistic. Based on the value of the Ship Bundle Items, Clougistic will handle the bundle differently:

Ship Bundle Items: Seperatly

Clougistic will create a reservation for each item of the bundle. If this option is set to seperatly, it is not translated to a partial delivery of the complete order in Clougistic. The standard delivery method of an order in Clougistic is always complete (when all reservations are allocated). You can only manual change this to partial.

Ship Bundle Items: Together

Clougistic will create a reservation for each item of the bundle and it will create a production order in Clougistic to bundle the items. This option is used to bundle finished products that are seperate SKU's in the inventory.

If a Bundle is created with a dynamic SKU, the SKU will be created in Clougistic for replenishment.

Virtual & Downloadable Products

Virtual & Downloadable products are not send to clougistic.

Exclude Products

It's optional to add a Magento product attribute to exclude a product from fulfillment by Clougistic. This option is used if a part of the catalog is fulfilled by a 3th party.

  1. add the product attribute cg_exclude
  2. set the catalog input type for store owner to yes/no
  3. apply to selected product types, choose only: simple products
  4. save the attribute and add the attribute to your attribute sets.

Go to the product to exclude, set the cg_exclude option to Yes.