In Magento navigate to system > configuration > clougistic > wms.



Enable the connector once the configuration is done for Magento and Clougistic. If the extension is disabled it's also not possible to receive API calls from Clougistic (invoice, shipping, stock, eta).


Connected: if the connection with Clougistic is succesful.
Not Connected: if the connection with Clougistic is not possible.

URL Endpoint

The Clougistic endpoint URL, example:


Copy this key from Clougistic. Create a user with an API key in Clougistic first. See Clougistic > System > Users (Remember to give the user also access to the enitity in Clougistic)

Entity ID

Specify the Entity ID belonging to this scope. This value can be found in Clougistic under System > Settings > Scope menu dropdown.

Source ID

Use this to identify the order scope in Clougistic. This value will also be used to select exports from Clougistic.

Order Delivery Date Field

Add the colomn name from the sales order table from Magento if it's possible to add a custom delivery date in the Magento sales order.

Shipment Increment ID Prefix

This prefix is added to the Magento shipment increment ID. Example: CLG-

COD Payment Methods

To inform Clougistic which payment methods are Cash On Delivery.

Clougistic COD orders can not be shipped partially.


PrintNode Enabled

Enable Printnode once the configuration is done for Printnode and Clougistic. Check the instruction in Clougistic at System > Settings > Printer.

PrintNode Documents

Select the documents to print when a shipment is created by Clougistic.