Product Details


The product overview contains basic metrics and configuration options.

Brand & Category

Can be added based on tags (just type in the first letter and the possible options pop-up, enter a new one to add as a new option).


If a GTIN is entered, processing goods in every process can be done by scanning the GTIN.

Cycle Class

Available options are A, B or C. Based on this option the inventory count cycle is based on the days set in configuration.

Allocation Override

A sales order with a SKU and allocation policy direct can be forced to policy reservation in Clougistic.

Product Image URL

If a public accesable image URL is added, this image will be visible here and on the active pick position during the picking process.


An overview of all reservations.

All reservations are FIFO based. It's possible to change the FIFO sorting index manually. Hit the move reservation button on the entry you like to move and enter an sorting new index. Move to a higher number in the grid if other entries are given priority or move to a lower number if this entry should have a higher priority.

Reserve quantity on Inventory

Reserve quantity for future sales.

Hit the new button to create a custom reservation:

Quantity: quantity for the reservation.

Matching Field:

  • Customer ID, the reservation will be used to allocate orders for this customer only.
  • Source ID, the reservation will be used to allocate orders for for this source only.
  • Country ID, the reservation will be used to allocate orders for for this country code only

Reserve quantity on Purchase order

Reservations on purchase orders can be made on purchase orders with status processing. The available quantity to reserve is based on the quantity ordered - revceived - cancelled.

The reserved quantity will be available for processing when the ordered quantity in the purchase order is received. A partial reception will create a partial allocation.

If the purchase order is cancelled the purchase order reservations will be removed. Those reservations will allocated on the inventory.

If an amount is cancelled (not the complete purchase order). The purchase order reservations will be removed if the reserved amount is not available anymore.


An overview of all inventory per location for the current SKU.


An overview of all movements for the current SKU.

  • Entity: the mutation is allocated to this entity
  • Source Entity: the mutation is initiated by this entity


An overview of all puchase orders for the current SKU.



The product will not be replenished, even with a reservation.

Min / Max

A static replenishment policy. MinMax policy will trigger replenishment to supply stock to the maximum once available stock reach the minimum.

Min = 0, Max = 0

The calculated quantity is the sum of the reservations. Is used if a SKU is replenished for backorders, no stock.

Min > 0, Max > Min

In this case the replenishment will order the Max product reservation amount even without a reservation. Used if a SKU should be on stock.


Forecast policy is a replenishment calculation based on historical data.

Stock Entity

Set another entity to manage stock needs.


The Materials SKU's if the SKU has a Manufacturer Bill of Material.


An overview of matched suppliers.

Weekly Sales

A graph showing the weekly sales.