Import Suppliers

Upload at inventory > suppliers. Use the button Supplier Import.

Sample file: click here

Use the following fields:

Fields Mandatory Type Description
name yes Text(64) Company name
firstname yes Text(64) Contactperson Firstname
lastname yes Text(64) Contactperson Lastname
address yes Text(64) Company address
postcode yes Text(64) Company Zip code
city yes Text(64) Company City
country yes Alpha(2) Company code ISO 2, see wiki
phone no Text(20) Company Phonenumber
fax no Text(20) Company Faxnumber
email yes Text(64) Company e-mailaddress
currency yes Apha(3) Company currencycode, see wiki
replenishment_interval no Numeric Replenishment Interval
free_delivery_amount no Numeric Amount to deliver without shippingcosts